Our mission can be summarized as follows:

  • To help kids and youth develop a healthy attitude towards formal education.
  • To assist the less privileged kids and youth remain in school through the provision of scholarships and their basic needs.
  • To guide kids and youth through making life choices that will enable them have a better tomorrow.
  • To encourage a reading culture among our kids and youth through the provision of books and reading rooms.
  • To promote healthy competition amongst the kids and youth through organisation of quizzes and games.
  • To organise leadership seminars that will help kids and youth develop their leadership capabilities.
  • To embark on women empowerment and poverty alleviation in our rural communities so as to enable mothers provide for their children’s educational needs.




Our Motto

Loving to learn… Learning to Live

Springland Kids and Youth Foundation is a non- governmental charitable organization borne out of a passion to help kids and youth develop a healthy attitude towards formal education, and to help develop a reading culture among them. The foundation seeks to bring about better ways of thinking among kids and youth through seminars, also though group and individual counselling.

Furthermore, the foundation is set to help the less privileged, deprived or abused children and youth, by providing some of their basic needs such as; Food, Clothing, Books, and Scholarships. This we hope will reduce the number of school dropouts. As we engage them in meaningful activities, the kids and youth can be steered away from the vices that destroy their lives and can thus be helped to maximise their potential.

In summary, the foundation hopes to impact on the lives of kids and youth positively, so that they can become the leaders they are expected to become.

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