A leader is a person who guides and directs a group. The popular
saying is that “Leaders are born not made”. This we believe is only
partially true because some people can acquire leadership traits
through training and some leaders are born when they find
themselves in certain situations. In short, the techniques of the leadership can be learnt.

Characteristics of a leader

There are several characteristics of a leader but we shall just mention a few cogent ones.

  1. A good leader has an exemplary character i.e he is trustworthy,
    honest and a person of integrity. He “walks the talk”.
  2. He is enthusiastic about his work or course.
  3. A good leader is confident and inspires confidence in others.
  4. A leader is orderly and purposeful even in times of uncertainty.
  5. A leader is tolerant of ambiguity and remains calm and
    composed in times of crises.
  6. A leader keeps the main goal always in focus.
  7. He is committed to excellence.

These characteristics may be naturally present in a leader,
otherwise it can be developed and strengthened.
Our aim in these leadership training series is to take on the list of
character traits that are desirable in everyone hoping to be a leader
and assist kids and youths to attain them. At SKY Foundation, we
intend to use very interesting and fun ways to help each member
who diligently passes through our seminars and workshops attain an

exemplary character that will position them to be leaders indeed!
The first ten characteristics we shall be dealing with are: Honesty,
Respect, Diligence, Efficiency, Determination, Punctuality,
Dependability, Commitment, Responsibility and Integrity.


What is Honesty?
Honesty is the quality of being honest. Honesty is uprightness
and fairness. It is truthfulness and sincerity. It is freedom from deceit
or fraud.

  1. It is being truthful to others.
  2. It is being truthful to yourself.
  3. It is doing what is right regardless of who is around.
  4. It is being someone that others can trust.

Here is a song that summarises Honesty:

“Wherever you go……
Whatever you be……
Do not say Yes
When you mean to say NO!”

Please answer the following question truthfully;

  1. If Mummy Bola opened her purse to take some money out and
    a #1,000 note fell out. If no one saw it but you, would you take
    it? Would it be right for you to take it? If Yes why? And if no,
  2. If you are in a maths exam and the questions are too hard for
    you to solve. Would you copy your friend’s own or ask her to
    help you? Would that be wrong? If Yes, why? If No, why?
  3. If you watched television all afternoon before mummy came
    home and she asked you what you did the whole afternoon,
    what would you say? Would you say you were busy reading? If Yes, why and if No, why?

If your answer to these questions was Yes, it means you are being
honest with yourself which is a good thing but you are not being
truthful to others. Again, you are not being someone others can
What is your goal in life? Do you want to excel? Do you want to
build up your character? Do you want to be a leader now and
tomorrow, then you need to work on yourself and become
Here are some questions about Honesty that should motivate you:


  • Honesty is the best policy. If I lose my honor, I lose myself. William Shakespeare
  • Honesty is the 1 st chapter of the Book of wisdom. –Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) 3 rd President of USA
  • Dishonest people hide their faults from themselves and others, honest people know and confess them. – Christian Nevell Bovee (1820-1904) American Author and Lawyer
  • Be true to your work, your word and your friend. – Henry
    David Thoreau (1817-1862) American
    Naturalist Poet and
  • A lie has a short life ,but, the truth lives forever.

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